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What to consider when commissioning a logo design

We understand that commissioning a logo for your business in a market flooded with offers can be both confusing and overwhelming. You might ask yourself “What should I be paying for my logo?” “Am I being ripped off?”. These are all fair and understandable questions. The answer is simply how much to you value your brand and how important is it that you communicate the right brand image to your customers. To some, a cheap logo design service is the solution, there are plenty of companies online where you can obtain such a service, if you like the work they produce and are confident they can deliver what you want then go for it! Sadly, from experience this is unlikely to be the case and you will most likely be disappointed and find yourself starting the process again.

I’ve put together a list below of what I believe separates Small Business Logos from other logo design services. I fully respect that commissioning a logo is very personal and ultimately you should choose a company you feel confident can deliver and supply you with a logo you can be proud of.

Small Business Logos

Small Business Logos offer a very competitive ‘design agency’ style service at an obtainable cost. We fully believe in the importance of good branding and the positive effect it can have in portraying the right image to your customers.

  We are a small business with low over heads and charge no VAT hence we can offer competitive but honest prices.
  We have over 20 years experience within graphic design.
  We take genuine pride in our work and are committed to helping small businesses create the right logo for their business (read our genuine independent reviews).
  We take time to understand your business and target audience which is essential in creating an engaging, recognisable and memorable logo.
  We give free help and advice throughout the process.

  We can assit with future marketing to help keep your brand consistent and coherent.

  No hidden costs, the price you see is the price you pay!
  We are friendly and nice to work with!

Cheap(er) logo design companies

Whilst it may be tempting to be lured into cheaper logo design services you need to consider:

  How can anyone design a logo for £29 without it being from a template or spending very little time on it.
  What are you actually getting for £29?
  What level of service will you receive?
  Will you get to talk directly to the designer?
  Do you trust them to understand and interpret your business and create your brand image?

Design agencies

Having worked at many design agencies I can of course see the obvious benefits that they can provide. I’m also very aware of how considerably more expensive it can be using this option.

  Unobtainable for most startups and small businesses where budget is crucial.
  Often paying inflated prices for services you don’t really need.
  Unlikely to offer help and advice without cost.