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Logo design: Common mistakes to avoid

The 5 most common logo design errors to avoid when creating your company logo.

Many startups are guilty of making the same design errors over and over when it comes to their company logo.

So here at Small Business Logos, we thought it’d be handy if we scribbled them down. Follow these steps and be confident that you can add your future logo design to the list of memorable, powerful brand icons.

1. Out-dated company logo design

Just because Samsung has a bevel doesn’t mean you should! A certain shape, swoosh or font may be the current logo design trend, but check that the style you’re considering is timeless when forming your company logo. No one likes a has-been.

2. A selfish logo design

…and by that we mean a logo design which only reflects your interests, as the business founder. Weigh up the priorities of what your logo needs to achieve and design your company logo accordingly. For example, as the startup owner you may want your company to be seen as high-tech and modern, whereas your customers may want it to be friendly and approachable.

3. Attractive but empty

Your logo design needs to be appealing, but it also has to reflect your company; ideally what you do and the way you do business. All marketing has one focus: to boost awareness, and consequently, sales, so therefore should be based on customer intelligence and your company USPs.

So switch off your marketing magpie! Just because it looks shiny and rivals Apple for trendiness does not necessarily make it the best company logo for your business.

4. Similar to your competitors

Try not to look to your competitors for inspiration for your company logo. If you want your business to seem unique and fresh, then your logo design must be too.

5. An overcomplicated company logo design

Detail and complexity do not equal impact when it comes to logo design. For the time and expense gone to create your logo, you will be frustrated if it can only really be appreciated with a magnifying glass! Simplicity is key.