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Do you need professional logo design?

Don’t appear unprofessional while your competitors clean up.

Follow our simple process to a winning first impression. They’ll think you’ve been the market leader for years!

As a small business, appearing credible to your customers and giving off a great first impression is of utmost importance, and it all starts with a professional logo design.

One of the best ways for small business owners to get a professional logo is to ensure you work with your designer throughout the design process. Every day our team of expert designers are on hand to answer your questions, generate design ideas and turn your vision into a great logo design.

Find out how our design team work

The small business owners that we work with sometimes find it hard to communicate their ideas to a designer verbally. So we’ve designed a special Creative Ideas form that gives you visual clues and hints to help get the best brief from you.

Even then it’s normal to want to improve upon the first draft designs you receive. They always take a bit of tweaking, nipping and tucking. In our experience, you rarely get the professional logo you want after the very first attempt.

Our design team are used to this and that’s why we’ve got a logo design package where we keep designing until you’re happy…

I know it’s tempting to rush off and get started right now. You can if you wish, but let me tell you first about a customer who was so impressed with our service that she is going to recommend us to other small businesses.

Ella runs a PR company called Startup PR and she recently approached us for a logo for a new product she is launching; a do it yourself PR in a box product called PR Toolbox. Ella is experienced in PR and marketing and recently won a Startups Award for her business efforts. Like most small business owners Ella doesn’t have the time to spend with a design agency, or the cash to fund it. This is what she had to say about us…

“The process was quick, simple and less than a quarter of the price I’d been quoted by other designers. The team really understood the brand I was trying to create and within days, I had a choice of 4 great designs to choose from! I am delighted with my final logo and will be recommending this service to the small businesses that I work with”
Ella Gascoigne, PR Toolbox

So, today, just take a moment reviewing our logo portfolio and checking out some of our customer testimonials. And when you feel ready to get started you can get your creative juices flowing by completing our Creative Ideas Form.

We simply can’t say fairer than that.