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What to consider when commissioning a logo design

We understand that commissioning a logo for your business in a market flooded with offers can be both confusing and overwhelming. You might ask yourself “What should I be paying for my logo?” “Am I being ripped off?”. These are all fair and understandable questions. The answer is simply how much to you value your… Continue Reading

What makes a great logo design

Our designers discuss what makes a logo design work… A great logo won’t determine whether your business sinks or swims; but it will certainly provide a fantastic springboard. A logo gives the outside a world an instant visual impression of your brand; a good one is worth a thousand words, and plenty more besides. It’s… Continue Reading

The world’s best logos

Every world-famous company has an iconic and evocative logo behind it. But which are the best logos of all time? Here we pick our top 10 designs – the images which have done most to propel their parent brand to global domination, and reinforce their company’s key messages and attributes. 1. Nike. The Nike swoosh doesn’t… Continue Reading

The UK’s best known logos

Six of the best: Great British logos Britain was not only the first country in the world to industrialise; it was the first to truly commercialise: adverts, posters and billboards have provided a backdrop to life in this country for generations. Since the first newspaper ads began to appear in the 17th century, there’ve been… Continue Reading

The Top 10 Most Memorable Logos

As Voted by Start up Business Owners ! 1. The Apple Logo The Apple logo works so well because of its instantly recognisable shape. Having the bite out of the side means there’s no doubt that it is in fact an “apple”, and gives the image scale.  Its silver colour is the logo’s way of… Continue Reading

Logo trends and design tips

Taken from our Most Memorable Top Ten Logos survey We’ve taken a close look at what made our top ten so super successful and distilled that into a helpful checklist of things to think about when producing your logo. Go back to the survey results > A simple logo design that’s easily reproduced The top 10 all… Continue Reading

Logo makers, logo generators and DIY logos

5 questions to ask before using a free online logo maker 1. Are you truly serious about your business? Read on. Your logo gets your business immediate recognition. It inspires trust and loyalty with your customer base, it gains admirers from suppliers, competitors and other businesses operating in your market and it can make a… Continue Reading

Logo design: Common mistakes to avoid

The 5 most common logo design errors to avoid when creating your company logo. Many startups are guilty of making the same design errors over and over when it comes to their company logo. So here at Small Business Logos, we thought it’d be handy if we scribbled them down. Follow these steps and be… Continue Reading

How to use your logo

Peter Shaw explains what to think about before designing your logo and your brand A logo is never seen in complete isolation. If it is on a sign on your building, the building itself will say an awful lot about your brand. On a business card the quality of the card and ink will speak… Continue Reading

How to protect your logo

How to protect your logo Karen Hensman, of Innovate IP (www.innovateip.co.uk), tells us how to secure the cornerstone of your identity Why do you need to protect your logo? Before I start to talk about how to protect your logo I thought it would be worth spending some time addressing why you need to protect… Continue Reading

How to gauge the effectiveness of your logo

Peter Shaw, our resident branding expert, looks at ways to measure how successful your brand is The marketing genius John Wanamaker, the man who in the late nineteenth century pioneered the concept of the department store, famously said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. … Continue Reading

File types explained

File type descriptions & what they are used for Small Business Logos supplies your final logos in the following 7 formats. We thought we’d describe what each file type is used for, we hope you find it helpful. To start with here are some general guidelines: • If the images are for the Web or… Continue Reading

Do you need professional logo design?

Don’t appear unprofessional while your competitors clean up. Follow our simple process to a winning first impression. They’ll think you’ve been the market leader for years! As a small business, appearing credible to your customers and giving off a great first impression is of utmost importance, and it all starts with a professional logo design. One of… Continue Reading