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About us

As someone starting or running a small business I’m sure you’ll agree that we live in a world where there’s too much choice, too much noise and not enough focus. I expect you, like us, are bombarded daily with offers and promises of new products and services that will transform your business.

And in amongst the noise there will undoubtedly be graphic designers, logo designers, marketing agencies and creative consultants all vying for your attention.

That’s where we’re different.

• You Google logo designer and we pop up
• You check out our simple and effective designs
• You choose from 3 simple logo design packages
• Together we follow a simple step-by-step process to a great end result.

There are so many bad logo designs around and we know there is really no need for it. In fact, it’s one of our biggest bug bears and we’re here to stop it. The most important thing for us is that your logo works for your business and is fit for purpose. Not that you’ve spent a fortune on it and it doesn’t really do the job.

The internet means you can search and find businesses like ours who will charge you a fair price for the design time.

We know that briefing a designer isn’t easy. And it’s a fact that most people find it very difficult to convey an image they have in their head into words that make sense to someone else.

That’s why we’ve created a simple, online form that holds your hand through the briefing process. Our form is different because it shows you examples of fonts, colours and styles so you can pick what you do and don’t like from the outset. That way our designer gets visual clues from you at the start. This is far more helpful than a few descriptive words on a piece of paper.

I have worked as a graphic designer for about 15 years now and feel very fortunate to do a job I love doing. Being happy in my job allows be to inject genuine passion and enthusiasm into any project I take on. I especially love working with small businesses as the impact of good branding and design is far more measurable and evident to the businesses I’m helping. I firmly believe good branding is essential in creating the right impression for your business thus engaging effectively and clearly with your target audience. I’m not one of those designers who designs to satisfy their own ego!

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